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My Sex Coaching Philosophy

My job as a sex coach is to connect you with your sexual spirit. Every one of us possesses a sexual spirit, an inner desire to express our sexuality and fulfill our sexual desires; it is part of the human essence. When we limit ourselves in anyway in life, we become susceptible to anxiety and depression.

It is my wish in life to assist you, on your quest to live each and every day to the fullest. I developed a very effective means to assist you in staying connected to your sexual spirit, while recapturing and creating peak sexual experiences, through the utilization of the twin peaks model.  


The 3 twin peaks equations represent the 3 levels of the 2 twin peaks.

  • Level 1: Spontaneity (idea + decision +action)

  • Level 2: Romance (creativity + sensuality + sensitivity)

  • Level 3 or Top/Peak Level: Great Sex (physical + mental+ emotional+ spiritual)

Utilizing the 3 steps within the twin peaks equations, we are guided by 6 peak points that connect the twin peaks: 

  1.  Communication

  2.  Confidence

  3.  Commitment

  4.  Connectedness

  5.  Intimacy

  6.  Passion

And, for those that seek love, there is a sacred equation to be discovered at the top of the twin peaks: the LOVE EQUATION:                                                                Friendship + Communication + Respect + Trust + Passion

Twin Peaks Sex Coaching is a personalized learning system that enables you to find your own answers, achieving exceptional results. 

A core element of Twin Peaks Sex Coaching is the creation a vision. The process for creating a vision builds on accomplishments and current desires.

My goal in this approach consists of 5 steps (listening, brainstorming, guiding, motivating and inspiring) thus creating an environment, through conversation that facilitates the process by which you can move toward your desired goals.

My coach approach involves assisting you to access what you already know. You may have never really asked yourself and explored the questions that lead to awareness. It is my job to assist and encourage you to find these answers. Ultimately, you have the answers to your successes. As your coach I assist, guide, and empower you along your path to reaching your goals.

Twin Peaks Sex coaching services will benefit you if:

  • You are seeking to discover or rediscover your sexual essence

  • You are seeking to maximize your communication skills with your partner

  • You are seeking to establish relationship boundaries

  • You are seeking to create or recreate peak sexual/life experiences

  • You are seeking Mr. or Mrs. Right


What does a Twin Peaks Sex Coaching session look like?

The essence of a Twin Peaks sex coaching session is founded on the sexual essence questions and peak experience assignment that my clients complete prior to the first session; this provides the foundation for effective communication and goal setting between my client and myself.

Yes, the focus of Twin Peaks Sex Coaching is about working to achieve peak sexual experiences, however it is can be about achieving peak life experiences.

The conversation that takes place within a Twin Peaks Sex Coaching session revolves around the 10 ingredients that comprise the Twin Peaks Sex Coaching model, each client may need to incorporate varying amounts of these ingredients to reach their desired goals.

The Twin Peaks Sex Coaching philosophy is predicated on the belief that you have your own answers to your goal pursuits and related desires. You will be speaking the majority of the session, while I provide feedback, support, guidance, insightful suggestions, and the session always ends with my providing a “take-away,” or two, which are personalized learning assignments.

A Twin Peaks Sex coaching session is conducted utilizing a positive psychology framework, as personal strengths are emphasized and areas of needed improvement are addressed through fun “take-way” assignments.


My Story and Credentials

I am a certified  sex coach - enthusiastic, insightful and fully confident in my ability to help you reach your goals!

I specialize in motivation, which is why I wrote a handy little book called: “Motivational Spirit: How to Keep Yours Solid as a Rock!”

Question: What led me to start a new path in life: becoming a certified sex coach, creating the Twin Peaks Sex Coaching Model, launching this new business?

Answer: I am now 52, and as we know, life does not go exactly go as we plan. I had plans to pursue a couple of different paths - one was to become a Marriage Family Therapist, the other was to become a health coach/personal trainer. I pursued both of these paths to some extent, health coaching/personal training much more so. As I have gotten older, I have been faced with a health limitation (lower back) which limits effective personal training, and has impacted my perception of what constitutes a fulfilling sex life. It is for these reasons, in addition to a lifelong interest in human sexuality, that I became a sex coach.

My mission has always been to assist others improve the quality of their daily lives, in pursuit of happiness and fulfillment. Acknowledging one’s unique sexual essence and staying fully connected to it is essential to your happiness.    

I have been motivated with an inner desire to walk a path in life from a holistic perspective. I am a firm believer that overall health and happiness requires self-awareness and a consistent thirst to learn new information. It is with this self-knowledge that we continue to grow and evolve as unique human beings. I am someone that has a book in my hand every day, learning something new to improve the quality of my daily life, as well as my clients.  

My 12 years of experience as a health coach/personal trainer provides a solid foundation to help you realize the best predictors of sexual well-being are physical & mental health, sexual practices, and quality of relationships.


  • Member of American of Sexuality Educators, Counselors, and Therapists

  • Certificate in Sex Coaching

  • Certificate in Stress Management

  • Certificate in Brain Health

  • Certificate in Mindfulness

  • Certificate in Food, Nutrition, and Health

  • Graduate Certificate in Sport Psychology

  • American College of Sports Medicine Group Exercise Instructor

  • American College of Sports Medicine Personal Trainer Certification

  • National Academy of Sports Medicine Personal Trainer

  • American Council On Exercise Personal Trainer Certification

  • ACE-Certified Health Coach

  • B.A. in Psychology

  • 12 Years Personal Training/Health Coaching Experience

You can view all of the above certifications/degrees at my other website/blogsite: www.robertkirbytraining.com


Did you know?

  • Those that kiss their partner every day live 5 years longer than those who don’t.

  • Our lips are 200 times more sensitive than our fingers.

  • 67% of couples that listen to music together have more sex.

Bridge Over River

“Laughter is the quickest bridge between two brains - let laughter turn you on!”

The more you laugh together, the closer you become.

Laughter is a whole-brain activity that involves areas of the primitive brain stem, centers of the motor and cognitive cerebral cortex, and pleasure areas of the frontal lobes, hypothalamus, and midbrain.

Emotionally, laughing together elicits a shared feeling of happiness. Physically, laughter is relaxing. Chemically, laughter relieves stress as it releases euphoria-producing endorphins: dopamine, noradrenaline, and adrenaline.

As with hugging, daily doses of synchronized laughter significantly strengthen feelings of connectedness.

When you lose your sense of humor, I suggest that go looking for it because a sense of humor is vital to having a fulfilling sex life and reaching those peak experiences!

Laughing puts people at ease, and smiling is one of the best and easiest ways to flirt!


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